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Are you looking to develop in a specific area of your photography, filming or business or would you like more help generally in a collaborative setting with the opportunity to develop your portfolio?

I’m honoured and grateful for the opportunities that I have had in my career, photographing and filming celebrities, Royalty, Olympic athletes, Academy Award Winners, and many wonderful people from all over the world.

These opportunities don’t just fall into my lap.  I’ve worked very hard over the years to develop both my creative and technical abilities as well as hone my business skills to create a life that I love and also provides me with a living.

Over the years I’ve invested in myself time and time again with workshops, and having access to incredible mentors at the very top of their game.  These experiences and teachings have been crucial and I wouldn’t have had the opportunities and successes in my career without them.

I’d love to help you take your business, passion and life to the next level – enquire with the training contact form below.

If you have any issues with the form, please drop me an email Studio@andymacphotography.com

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