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Investment in your memories is available from just £200 per hour.*  Minimum hours/fees may apply depending on date & location.

If you value the idea of having incredible memories from your wedding, please get in touch below.

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What is worth it?

If you've got this far you'll hopefully have gathered I'm not cheap, nor average; either as a person or with the quality of service and images that I deliver with my team.

Some people might believe that it's only wealthy people that can afford our photography and filming services but that just simply isn't true.

We've been honoured to photograph and film for people all across the wonderful spectrum of society and a lot of it comes down to how much someone values the quality of photography, essentially the quality of the memories of their wedding day with all of the most special people in their lives around them.

"So how much should you spend on a professional wedding photographer?"

This is ultimately up to you and what your goal and budget are for your wedding.  Wedding photography and filming prices vary because of skill, experience, demand, popularity and items in the packages.  It's not easy to compare prices side by side as what you get can often be so very different.  Photography and films are also products that are hard to fully appreciate and add your own idea of value to them until after the event and after the images are produced.


I understand that requires an enormous amount of faith and trust in your photographer.

What can I say in response to this?:

I've been trusted by Royalty, Academy Award Winners, celebrities, Olympic athletes and music stars and many wonderful, unknown, private couples.

I'm relied upon as an ambassador for global photography brands to teach other photographers within the profession how to advance their skills and knowledge. I've won multiple awards and been featured in publications around the world.

I'm recommended by some of the very best venues, wedding planners and brands within the industry.

Am I expensive? To some perhaps, yet everyone who has made the investment with us have said that it was won one the best decisions that they made with the precious aspects of their wedding.  Check out the REVIEWS page to get a better idea of what our customers are saying.

Am I great value - always 100% guaranteed.

Weddings can be long or short, big or small celebrations and the options and packages for prints and albums are numerous.

*So here's the best guideline I can give you before we chat in more detail about what sort of wedding you are having, where it is and how it is unique to you as a couple.  Rates start at just £200 per hour for off-peak times of year and weekdays.  Weekends and summer weddings will be more than this.

If you truly value the idea of having incredible memories from your wedding, please get in touch so we can customise a quote.

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