Wedding Videography: Films that are full of emotion

My friendly and professional team create our incredible luxury wedding videos. We all work brilliantly alongside each other, with the collective vision of capturing your wedding day in the very best possible way with the very best quality cameras and professional sound equipment allowing you to re-live the memories of your wedding day in a way that compliments your still photographs fantastically.

Wedding Videography Services

You might ask why do we need our wedding filmed if we are already having our big day captured with still photography?  You can’t hang a video on a wall or put a video in an album, yet a wedding film can capture all of those elements of a day that photography leaves behind. The emotion that one feels when seeing moving images with sound and music is incredible. Imagine re-living the feeling of that moment when you first see your partner on your wedding day, set to the music played at the time.

Remembering Important Elements of Your Wedding Day

Remembering such important elements – such as your vows, capturing the detail of the emotion in speeches from the father of the Bride to the hilarity of the Best Man’s delivery. Friends and relatives might want to leave a message to you on camera that you can treasure forever and show the kids one day. Once the celebrations start – it is so much harder to remember those elements

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